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Hello, I am the author and illustrator of Elephants Cry and So Do I. I started this project back in 2009 while I was traveling in SE Asia, Laos to be specific. You can read more about that process on the blog page of this site, and a lot more about those adventures on my travel blogIMG_7445

I live just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico in a lovely, rustic cabin (with just enough internet and cell service to get by). I have one awesome, grown-up son. I’m really looking forward to starting on my next children’s book project.


I love illustrating and I am genuinely learning to love writing as I go along. If you have a project that I might be able to help you with, please feel free to contact me at starquestpress@gmail.com

You can purchase a copy of Elephants Cry and So Do I as paper back or Kindle:

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